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Chakra Stones

Chakra Stones
Chakras or energy centres in the body have an associated colour which is represented by the appropriately coloured gemstone crystal. Use the energy of the crystals to help you relax and unwind after a stressful day.
Enhance the experience by listening to one of our CD's from the New Beginnings or Relaxation range.
Makes a great gift.
Shape of stone and colour of bag will vary as each set is unique.
Code: CK001

Chakra Pendant Chakra Pendant
This superb 50mm long clear Quartz crystal pendant is mounted in silver with seven gemstone cabochons representing the seven chakras or energy points in the body. Supplied with an 18" chain.
Code: CK002
Heart Shaped Chakra Pendant

Heart Shaped Chakra Pendant
This chakra pendant has seven faceted stones representing the seven chakras which are set in a heart shaped silver setting 40mm in length.
Supplied with an 18" silver chain and velvet bag.
Code: CK003

Heavyweight Chakra Pendant Heavyweight Chakra Pendant
Stunning chakra pendant with beautifully faceted stones in a heavy tapered silver setting. At 65mm long this pendant has a hinged tubular mount which enables it to be worn on a heavy silver chain or thick black cord. Supplied in a velvet bag.
Code: CK004
Oval Shaped Chakra Pendant Oval Shaped Chakra Pendant
The seven faceted stones representing the seven chakra stones are set individually in oval silver settings. This chakra pendant is 40mm long it comes with an 18" silver chain and velvet bag.
Code: CK005
Pear Shaped Chakra Pendant Pear Shaped Chakra Pendant
A lovely delicate chakra pendant with pear shaped faceted stones set in silver. At 50mm in length this pendant comes supplied with an 18" silver chain and velvet bag.
Code: CK006
Round Stone Chakra Pendant Round Stone Chakra Pendant
This delicate Chakra Pendant with round faceted stones set in silver is 30mm long and supplied with a silver chain and velvet bag.
Code: CK007
Chakra Stones Earrings Chakra Stones Earrings
These delicate chakra stones are separated by tiny sterling silver beads. Available in sterling silver fish hook earwire or sterling silver ball stud fittings.
Code: ER002
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